Ginchy Design Co. is a Richmond, Virginia-based web design company specializing in accessibility and web consultations

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We’re your friends in the website biz – here to help you create a spankin’ new site, redesign your old and tired one, or audit your overall web presence. And if you need a service that’s outside of our expertise, we’ll track down the right person for the job.

Ginchy Design Co. is run by Ronnie Mason, a web designer and all-things-internet expert, with a boost from his best coffee buddy, Spiff. Ronnie builds quality websites that pass the “Spiff Test,” meaning our sites look snappy while keeping them accessible.

Spiff is busy pouring us a fresh cup o’ joe, so check back soon for more info after we’re fully caffeinated. But, if you’re ready to get started, we’re open for business!

Ginchy Design Co.'s mascot, a coffee cup giving a thumbs up

Our Services

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The Full Pour

Whether you’re looking for a simple landing pad for your customers or a multi-page e-commerce site, we can brew something just for you.

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Just a Top-Off

Is your existing website keeping you down? Give it a pick-me-up with a redesign. We’ll take your existing content and polish it up.

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Can I See a Menu?

If you’re not sure what you need, don’t despair! We can find the best option together with a tech consultation, accessibility audit, branding advice, and more.

Headshot of Ronnie Mason, owner of Ginchy Design Co.

About Ginchy Design Co.

The slang word “ginchy” – meaning excellent, cool, or fashionable – was all the rage in the 1950s. It might seem like an oddball choice to name a business founded by a greaser like me born in 1985.

But my totally cool grandparents raised me on all things 50s: Elvis. Chipped beef on toast. Cadillacs with the fins. Slicked-back hair. They also instilled in me a hard-working “floor it” attitude with kindness toward all.

I built my first website in 1997, and since then, I’ve designed and developed hundreds of sites for individuals, small businesses, and national companies. Throughout my career, I’ve created all kinds of sites, from quickie landing pages to major ecommerce operations. And as an accessibility expert, you can bet that my work is the bee’s knees regardless of a user’s ability.

While I love web design, I do more than my gig. My wife Meredith is the ginchiest partner I could ask for. Just a real hip cat. And in true 50s style, I love collecting vinyl records and lean toward rockabilly-style punk music. I travel as much as my cat will let me. I’m an avid photographer, and my favorite camera is a medium-format twin lens Rolleicord.

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